Top 5 hottest home building trends
efficient materials like insulated concrete forms (ICFs) instead of
more traditional materials like wood. For example, Nudura ICFs can
withstand winds of up to 250 miles per hour (equivalent to an F4
tornado) and offer a fire protection rating of up to four hours.
Outdoor living: Many of us are now choosing to forgo getting a
cottage or summer home and recreate the experience in our own
backyards. This trend helps you make the most of your existing space
and take full advantage of your yard or patio during the summer

These days, home trends are about more than good design and
aesthetics - they’re about creating spaces that reflect our values
and are more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. From net-zero
and net-positive construction to tiny minimalist homes, trends are
all about your family’s lifestyle.
Whether you’re shopping for a new home, renovating your own or
creating a new build from scratch, here are some of the biggest trends
you need to know for inspiration.
Sustainable design: This one has been popular for a long time, but
green design has evolved to be about much more than energy-efficient
appliances and LED light bulbs. Now, it’s all about making sure
everything in your home reduces your carbon footprint and minimizes
any impact on the environment.
To try the trend yourself, think big and get creative - install solar
panels on your roof, choose building materials that don’t require
deforestation and upcycle old furniture for decorative elements instead
of buying new.
Disaster resiliency: Climate change affects us in so many negative
ways, and one of the top concerns is the increase in natural disasters.
From wildfires that last for months to major floods that affect entire
cities, we now need to prepare for the worst when building our homes.
Switching to disaster-resilient materials is an important first
step. Many builders now prefer to use stronger, more energy-

You can design a full living space outside, complete with an outdoor
television and comfy couches, as well as a kitchen and refrigerator
for entertaining. Consider adding a fireplace or fire pit to keep warm
during cool summer nights and enjoy the outdoors through spring, fall
and even winter if you’re brave.
Home automation: This is another longstanding trend that shows
no signs of slowing down. It has also evolved to encompass more
of the home to make life even more comfortable and convenient.
From an oven that can be turned on remotely to preheat, to skylights
that can open and close automatically to create the perfect ambient
temperature, there are more ways than ever to integrate smart home
technology into your living space.
You can start small with voice assistant and smart light bulbs and
work your way up to a total smart home system that includes home
security, temperature controls and all your electronic devices.
Customization: You don’t have to settle for what mass
manufacturers decide to build, or what works for everyone else.
Creating a home that’s as unique as you are is the latest trend, with
custom-built storage and personalized architectural features to make
your space stand out.
You can even go as far as building a custom home that’s suited
to your family. Older home demolitions and purchasing land-only
properties is becoming more common, allowing you to work with an
architect to create exactly what you want with a new build.
Find more information about the benefits of building a home with
ICFs at
-Metro Creative


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