The one lesson everybody learned last year...
Of all the things we collectively went through in 2020,
there was one lesson that we all learned many times: “You
do not know what will happen tomorrow” (James 4:14).
I’m sure many of us have long been familiar with
James’ word on the brevity and unpredictability of our
lives, and I’m sure many have been in the habit of saying
(Lord willing) when we make our future plans. But 2020
brought those lessons to life in a whole new way.
A year ago we truly had no idea what was on the
horizon, and so as we (Lord willing) look into 2021 we do
so with a renewed understanding that we truly don’t know
what the future holds.
However, in Matthew 6 we find a similar discussion
about life’s unpredictability and worries about the future.
There Jesus taught us two lessons. First, don’t worry about
tomorrow’s needs, but rather focus on today and let God
supply what we need. Second, as we focus on today, we
are to seek first His kingdom.
So, as 2021 begins, let’s determine to heed His words.
Each day, may we remind ourselves that today is all we
have, and ask how we can spend that day putting the
kingdom first.
Will you seek first the kingdom of God?

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