Candidate for City Council (Marion)

Candidate for City Mayor (Old Fort, NC)

A cornerstone is used as the foundation upon which a building is constructed. Using my
skills as a resource, a listener, a doer, and a friend, I hope to empower the citizens of
Marion to be part of a team in advancing the vision for our community’s future. Working
together through problem solving, we can together hold firm the foundation. There is
nothing one personal does. No one does anything by themselves. We can together be a
unified voice, working as one, speaking as one, we advance all.

Candidate for City Mayor (Marion)
The cornerstone of my candidacy is to encourage young residents
of McDowell County to take part in local government and their
community to bridge all gaps between young and older generations.
I will have a fair and honest objectivity on important issues that
matter most to the residents of Marion and work with the City
Council to solve any and all problems.


The cornerstone of the Campaign to Elect Swepson Twitty is "Smart Growth to create a more 'just'
-With this as the overarching premise for the Swepson Twitty Campaign, our commitment to the
Town of Old Fort is to be a Mayor that works for all its citizens.
Swepson Twitty is determined to bring about "smart growth" through developing, Leadership is
knowledgeable, progressive thinking, equitable and inclusive. She seeks to create opportunities for
community economic development that addresses, safe affordable housing, at or above living wage
jobs, small businesses (built for rural main street) and education that is reflexive, relevant to today's
emergent changing landscape.

What is the
Cornerstone of your

Candidate for City Council (Marion)

Swepson Twitty is and has been doing much of the work through a successful nonprofit, Eagle Market
Streets Development Corporation, CDC.


A cornerstone is defined as an important “quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based.” I think in answering this
question, it is important to explain my life and experiences to fully understand the qualities I bring as a candidate for city council.
I was born and raised in East Marion, my father worked in a furniture factory after serving a career in the Army. My mother worked in the
cotton mill and raised six of her own children and two that became her children. I attended Eastfield Elementary where the most amazing
educators poured themselves into a young boy that struggled with reading and writing. They helped mold him into a lifelong student, first
generation college, graduate school, and law school.
East Marion molded me into someone that would choose a life of service to others. The number one thing I learned in East Marion was Faith in
God, Family, and Community.


Candidate for City Council (Marion)

I never had aspirations to be a politician, but I have always aspired to make change. My
involvement over the years with grassroots community engagement work has furthered
my passion to advocate and be a voice for the people in my community and the City of
Marion. I feel everyone in the City of Marion deserves to be represented, included and
heard. I plan to be a Champion for the People to promote civic engagement and work
alongside of them to address the issues of homelessness, affordable housing,
transportation and economic development. I would be honored to serve and work
towards continuing to make the City of Marion a place where our residents always feel
safe, represented, included, and heard. #VoteGoode a champion for the community!

Candidate for City Council (Marion)
"Talk your ear off” is a saying, I believe, but I know your time is valuable. I respect that, so I will be brief:
-I have called Marion home for 40+ years.
-I have been both a Trojan and a Titan.
-I met my wife of 30 years here, and have raised my three children here in McDowell County. My family continues
to inspire me every day.
-I live and work within city limits.
-I am known as “Blue Collar Louie.” I am on the ground level with the people of Marion, being your neighbor,
working with you, breaking bread with you, and worshipping with you.
What you also need to know is there are three values that I hold most dear and I apply to my life in the decisions
that I make:
Faith, Honesty and Integrity.
As a member of the City Council, I promise to weigh every decision by these three values and act in the best
interest of the people of Marion.

Candidate for Alderman (Old Fort)
I love Old Fort. I love working for my community. My father Norman Logan was
Alderman for years and I would like to continue in his footsteps. I would like to
see economic growth in our little town without it’s changing it's hometown feel. I
am third generation was born and raised here, and I want the best for Old Fort. I
want Old Fort to look like it did when I was growing up.

Candidate for City Council (Marion)
I would say the cornerstone of my candidacy is my passion & commitment in promoting all the great
things about the city of Marion, but at the same time, working hard to identify and resolve it's
deficiencies. True service to this community and it's citizens should be the priority of any elected
official. I feel like the best way to help accomplish these things is to make sure every citizen has a voice
and is represented by their elected officials. As a young member of council, I can offer a fresher view
that is beneficial to help navigate Marion into a complex and bright future. Having extensive experience
working in mental health services, education, and social services as well as a local business owner has
greatly helped give me unique perspectives to issues and decisions made during my term as a council
member and mayor pro tem. I've had the privilege to help lead initiatives in housing/homelessness and
youth recreation issues within the McDowell, and am very glad to have assisted in the forming of the first
county wide roundtable to combat homelessness within the city and county. Bringing all stakeholders
together to tackle these complex issues has, I believe, been of great benefit and will continue to have a
lasting, positive effect in our community. I feel having the experience of serving on city council and
several committees, including Joint City/County Utility Board, the Foothills Regional Planning Board, the
Trails Committee, and People Experiencing Homelessness Roundtable, has helped me to become a
better, more effective leader in service to the city. Thank you to the citizens of Marion and the Voter
Engagement and Education Committee for allowing me the opportunity to provide information about
myself and my desire to continue to serve.

Candidate for Mayor (Reelection Marion, NC)
The acronym word REACH is the cornerstone of my candidacy for re-election as Mayor of Marion. Each person should reach
and stretch herself or himself constantly to improve both ourselves and our community.
R = Respect. The Mayor must respect everyone in Marion. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, and everyone has a right
to be respected. Whether we agree or disagree with a person’s opinion, we must be respectful the other person.
E = Encouragement. The Mayor should encourage all persons to be the best they can be. This includes listening to and talking
with all constituents, promoting our community and local civic groups and businesses.
A = Appreciation. The Mayor should express and encourage appreciation to those who do good things, regardless of any
public recognition. This includes appreciating those who show kindness to others as well as those who demonstrate
acceptance and tolerance of others who look different or talk different.
C = Cooperation. Set the standard for cooperating with others, to achieve together that which we cannot achieve on our own.
A strong cooperative working relationship with the County Commissioners, McDowell County Schools, our civic
organizations, businesses & individuals is vital to building a better quality of life for everyone in Marion and our overall
H = Honesty. Being honest and truthful is absolutely necessary in our interactions with other people. To speak and act with
truth and honesty, one must know the difference between fact and opinion. To paraphrase a former national leader, we
should endure the discomfort of honest fact before we enjoy the comfort of our opinion.
I have a strong, cooperative working relationship with not only the Marion City Council, but also the McDowell County
Commissioners, the Old Fort Aldermen, and the leaders and members of many groups and organizations who contribute to
the overall best interests of the people of both Marion and McDowell County. If you believe our City and community have
grown in a positive direction over the past dozen years (not counting the harmful effects on us personally and on our
businesses by the brutal COVID19 virus), and that we are reaching in the right direction, I ask for your vote.

Voter Engagement & Education -McDowell is a community driven initiative to encourage and engage members of the community and local government to better understand and improve the
region we live in. Through community driven initiatives like this one, our goal is to provide constituents and potential voters with a better understanding of the elected officials representing
them locally.
All McDowell Candidates running in 2021 were contacted and asked to participate in this initiative. The responses shared are from candidates that responded and participated.

Get Involved with community and government! Learn more at:


Every community in the City of Marion equally needs help addressing hunger, homelessness, addiction, and mental illness. Partnering
government, private industry, and not for profit strategies are critical.
Family is critical to me. Seeing my daughter get married here was rewarding because I know what her children will experience on late summer
evenings and snow days in the village. The warmest days in my heart included capturing the flag, sledding, and listening to Mr. Toney or Mr.
Boyd tell stories of the war.
I have worked twenty-six years to serve my community and state as a Marion Police Officer, Magistrate, and State Law Enforcement manager.
I have served on numerous community boards and committees. In answering the “cornerstone of my candidacy” question, I simply say “I am a
proud product and success story from Marion. I want the same for every other child in Marion.”



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