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RESOLUTION TO COMBINE CERTAIN VOTING PLACES IN CABARRUS COUNTY Whereas, Cabarrus County currently operates forty (40) Election Day precincts through the county; and Whereas, the rise in popularity and convenience of early voting has made some Election Day precincts underutilized in the county; and Whereas, the safety, security and accessibility of polling places in Cabarrus County is of paramount importance to this Board; and Whereas, the need to balance our resources more efficiently and effectively to ensure maximum voter participation and voter satisfaction, Therefore, be it resolved, pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 163-128 and 163-132.3, the Cabarrus County Board of Elections has voted to reduce the number of Election Day precincts in Cabarrus County to thirty-nine (39), by combining the following two (2) precincts:; and, Precinct 12-14 Combining 12-06 (American Legion Post 51) and 12-10 (St. James Catholic Church). Voting at 12-10 St. James Catholic Church 139 Manor Ave. SW, Concord Be it further resolved that this reduction of Election Day precincts will begin with the 2020 general election and all voters in the county will be notified of Election Day polling location changes with proper media publication and by the mailing of voter registration cards to those voters affected by such changes at least 30 days prior to the next election. This the 20th day of July, 2020. Cabarrus County Board of Elections Martin Ericson, Chairman Lanny Lancaster, Secretary Joanna Dudley, Member Jay White, Member Sophia Wilkerson, Member Publish: September 16, 23, 30, 2020.


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